Maestro Daniel Stewart on Beethoven's 9th and Salonen's "NYX"

Maestro Daniel Stewart on Beethoven's 9th and Salonen's "NYX"

Music Director, Daniel Stewart shares his thoughts on Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Esa-Pekka Salonen's "NYX" in this weekend's Season Finale Concert, "Ode to Joy" in his Santa Cruz Sentinel interview:

"'Beethoven had a symphonic format which is four movements,' said Stewart. 'He had this very serious struggle in the first movement, a very playful and rambunctious energy in the second, a transcendently calm, meditative, beautiful third movement, but it’s really the fourth movement that makes the whole thing so life-changing in its potential, in which he sets text by Friedrich Schiller to music.'”

"Written much later than 'Ode to Joy,' yet sharing a fundamental root with Beethoven’s 9th, Stewart says, 'It’s fascinating, compelling, swirling work: very colorful and very responsive to contemporary culture, but very ancient in its subject matter and some of its musical content. So the verity of it is one of great mystery, and beauty, and compassion.'”

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(Photo credit: RR Jones)