"Both the orchestra and soloist displayed ferocious temperament, brilliant virtuosity and poetic soul. The intensity of Yuja’s octave passages was simply awesome.... The orchestral families and solo moments in the horns, winds, brass, timpani and double basses created a wonderful backbone and were performed with brilliance, BRAVO!" Peninsula Reviews

"Both Maestro Stewart and Yuja Wang are impressive musical talents. Santa Cruz audiences will not be surprised to see them performing together again!" Peninsula Reviews

"At 30, Yuja Wang, or simply Yuja, is at a stage in her career where she could claim the title of “The Queen of the Piano.” She may be the most visible and famous classical pianist this side of Lang Lang. Yet, for the second time this year, on Saturday night, she returned to Santa Cruz to perform with the Santa Cruz Symphony.... It was soon evident that Yuja was in charge here, not through power, but by communicating her intentions. She teased with subtle rubato and ritardando, challenging the orchestra to come along, but Stewart was always attentive to her signals, delivering harmonious support from the orchestra." San Francisco Classical Voice

"Through their intimate involvement with their art, Yuja, Stewart, and the orchestral musicians drew us in to an unforgettable musical experience. Yuja II was more than a magnificent grand finale for the 2016/17 Season. It was a vision of the outstanding art our Symphony is creating and contributing to Santa Cruz concert halls, the world of classical music and beyond." Local Santa Cruz

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