The Santa Cruz Symphony's mission is to inspire, educate and engage through artistic excellence, distinctive musical performances and varied activities that celebrate and enhance the cultural vibrancy of our community.

OUR Vision

Leading through creativity and excellence, our vision is to be a cornerstone of the performing arts in the Greater Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay Areas, inspiring our community to embrace the importance of music in our lives through a variety of shared musical experiences and artistic excellence.


  • Musicianship

    We celebrate our musician’s singular interpretive contributions, their technical skills and discipline, and their scholarship of styles and contexts.

  • Accessibility

    We invite and welcome all, presenting a sophisticated art form in a manner that anyone can enjoy.

  • Diversity

We explore and embrace the full spectrum of human experience, emotion and our collective aspirations through music.

  • Creativity

We go beyond traditional offerings, utilizing the vibrant artistic and modern spirit of our region.

  • Accountability

We optimize the use of resources in service to our mission and our community and are transparent in what we do.

  • Excellence

    We are committed to achieving the highest artistic and professional standards, in our art and operations.

  • Collaboration

    We engage both traditional and unconventional partners in our work, both in the music and behind the scenes.

  • Cooperation

    We work as a team, leveraging one another’s strengths and expertise, respecting the unique contributions each person makes.

  • Education

    We promote and foster lifelong appreciation and understanding of music’s beauty, complexity and power to transform lives.