Learning Through Music

The Santa Cruz Symphony has been deeply committed to music education since the inception of its youth education program in 1966. Through an array of events and activities, the Symphony fulfills its vision and mission to educate and inspire present and future generations of symphonic music lovers.

In 2016 the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County recently did research into the state of arts education in our county's schools. What they found was that over 50% of arts education programs in Santa Cruz County schools are music programs, and the top three providers of arts education are the schools, the Arts Council, and the Santa Cruz Symphony!

Music education for elementary schools

The Santa Cruz Symphony offers Music Education Programs benefiting elementary school students throughout Santa Cruz County, including: year-long in-class classical music listening program, musicians visiting classrooms to demonstrate their instrument and talk about orchestras, and free youth concerts for over 4000 4th and 5th graders.